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LEGAL ONE - Code of Student Conduct Online Certificate Program

Time limit: 365 days
20 credits

$400 Enroll

Full course description

An essential part of every school administrator’s role is addressing the challenges that occur when students fail to adhere to the code of student conduct. That challenge is made even greater by current events, such as addressing student discipline in the age of COVID-19 and the impact of students witnessing horrific incidents of racial injustice, along with the worldwide response to those events.

This Certificate Program will empower every school leader to develop and implement a Code of Student Conduct that is fair, equitable, legally sound and effective. Participants will also receive access to a comprehensive online course on conducting effective student investigations. This program consists of seven parts.

PART 1 - Adapting the Code of Conduct to COVID-19 (Day 1 - July 27, 2020)

PART 2 - Adapting the Code of Conduct to Ensure Equity Based on Race and Other Protected Classes (Day 2 - July 28, 2020)

PART 3 - Adapting the Code of Conduct to Address Specialized Populations (Day 3 - July 29, 2020)


PART 4 - Recording - An Overview of Legal Requirements Related to the Code of Student Conduct

Fee: $400 Members/$500 Non-Members.

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