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NJ Leadership Academy (NJLA) - Series 7: LEADing for An Equity Revolution

Time limit: 365 days
10.5 credits

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LEADing for An Equity Revolution: Learning from Our New Realities

NJLA Series 7 Overview
Teacher Leader Domain: I

It is a time of hope, of transformation and of innovation in education. In the span of three short months our NJ educational system has been disrupted, put into chaos and shock from the normal routines of brick and mortar schools to learning routines and structures in a virtual environment. Inequities in the system have been uncovered. The lessons learned in that short period of time, however, have the potential power to strengthen and create a catalyst to change our systems of learning in ways that will grant all students the door to personalized and purposeful learning. The three sessions of the New Jersey Leadership Academy 7 will challenge leaders to develop strategies and actions to answer the following questions:

  • How do we leverage what we have learned to build sustainable and equitable learning structures across all schools?
  • What challenges should we prepare for and how can those challenges be addressed?
  • How will we maximize new learning structures to meet individual student needs, with a focus on students who have been (traditionally) marginalized?
  • How do we create partnerships, outreach and resources to empower the voices of the learning community to solve problems that prevent us from serving all students?
  • How do we continue to prepare for the future and be flexible, despite the many uncertainties we still face?

Virtual Sessions

Session 1 - The Equity Imperative: Embracing the Change Equity Inspires

PSEL: 3 (10)
Teacher Leader Domain: 1, 2
CAR: Culture: Climate for Shared Leadership

Session 2 - Climate and Culture: Nurturing Strong, Resilient Relationships for Adults and Students

PSEL: 3, 7, 8
Teacher Leader Domain: 1, 2, 6
CAR: Culture: Communication of Connections and High Expectations

Session 3 - Culturally Responsive Teaching: Leading Instruction That Empowers Deep Student Learning

PSEL: 3, 4, 10
Teacher Leader Domain: 2, 4
CAR: Culture: Climate for Learning

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