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LEGAL ONE Webinar: What's New in School Law? (Spring 2020) - Attorney Series

Time limit: 365 days
1.2 credits

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Full course description

Webinar - What's New in School Law? (Spring 2020) - Attorney Series

Live Air Date: April 23, 2020


  • Michael Kaelber, Esq., LEGAL ONE Coordinator for Online Course Development
  • Rebecca Gold, Retired Director of Human Resources

Join LEGAL ONE staff attorneys in an information-packed webinar discussing the most recent school law developments affecting New Jersey’s public schools. Included will be a discussion of recent legislative and regulatory enactments which impact school district operations as well as a case law update including decisions of the Commissioner of Education and the New Jersey and Federal courts. 

Major Topics


  • Tenure and seniority
  • Labor relations
  • Increment withholding
  • HIB
  • Student rights
  • School safety
  • OPMA and OPRA