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LEGAL ONE - Getting to the Truth: Conducting Effective Student Investigations

Time limit: 1 day
4 credits

$100 Enroll

Full course description

How do we assess the credibility of witnesses with conflicting stories? What are the most effective questioning strategies? How do we analyze written statements? What happens when a student with a disability is involved? What issues come into play with younger students? How do we address issues arising outside the school environment, including on social media?

This 4-hour course provides a comprehensive toolkit that will empower investigators to answer these crucial questions. The course is organized into 8 modules. It includes real-world scenarios, attorney commentaries, practical tips from practitioners, supplemental templates and resource materials and a multiple choice course assessment.

Module 1 - Overview of Effective Investigation Techniques
Module 2 - Real-World Scenario
Module 3 - Analysis and Discussion of Scenario
Module 4 - Addressing Students with Disabilities
Module 5 - Investigating Younger Students
Module 6 - Investigation Reports
Module 7 - Summary and Supplemental Resources
Module 8 - Online Assessment

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