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LEGAL ONE - Establishing HIB Systems, Protocols and Capacity

Time limit: 365 days
4 credits

$75 Enroll

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This course provides a strategic framework to assist you in ensuring that your district is working as effectively and efficiently as possible to prevent, identify and respond to issues of harassment, intimidation and bullying.

The course is organized into 9 sections.

  • Section 1 provides an in-depth discussion with an experienced Anti-Bullying Coordinator of the key elements of an overall district approach.

  • Section 2 provides a review of a suggested protocol for receiving allegations, including anonymous reports, and then doing an initial threshold assessment and determining whether or not a formal HIB investigation must be launched. It includes a discussion of the variations in approach that must be followed depending on the contents of your school district’s policies.

  • Section 3 provides key considerations for gathering, maintaining and analyzing necessary evidence. This includes a series of suggested questions for determining whether or not substantial disruption has occurred for the student who may have been targeted.

  • Section 4 provides a framework for ongoing communication with parents of the alleged victim and offender at various stages in the process.

  • Section 5 provides a suggested protocol for developing, reviewing and finalizing HIB reports. 

  • Section 6 provides an overview of key considerations in determining appropriate consequences for students engaged in incidents of HIB.

  • Section 7 provides a template for developing support plans for students who may have been involved in HIB incidents, including victims, offenders and in some cases even witnesses.

  • Section 8 provides key factors that should be addressed for at-risk populations, including students with disabilities, racial and ethnic minority students, students with limited English proficient, LGBTQ students and students who are new to a school.

  • Section 9 provides an overview of the key role of the School Safety/Climate Team and provides tools to assist these teams in fulfilling their essential responsibilities.

    Additional resource documents are provided to reinforce the content covered in each section of this course.

Finally, participants will complete an online assessment to ensure understanding of the critical content that has been reviewed.  Once a participant successfully completes the assessment he or she will be able to print out a certificate of completion.