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LEGAL ONE - Special Education Litigation Certificate Program

Time limit: 365 days
18 credits

$500 Enroll

Full course description

Litigation is a constant threat in the area of special education. In New Jersey, the challenge is even greater because the burden of proof is always on the school district, unlike any other area of the law. This series will empower participants to understand how to reduce the need for litigation, prepare for mediation and due process, and be in the best possible position to prevail when litigation occurs, under IDEA or Section 504.

This Bundled Series includes 3 Live Online Workshops, 1 Online Course plus additional pre-recorded content:


  • Day 1: 9/23/20 - Section 504 Explained
  • Day 2: 10/19/20 - Legally Compliant IEPs
  • Day 3: 11/4/20 - Preparing for Special Education Mediation & Due Process Online Course
  • Module 4: Special Education and additional pre-recorded content available after the live events. (Self-paced)