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Mentoring as a Partnership: Navigating the Learning

Time limit: 365 days
3.5 credits

$75 Enroll

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  • Vicki Duff, Coordinator of Professional Learning, FEA
  • Emil Carafa, Coordinator of Professional Learning, FEA

Mentors and school leaders are critical players in the first year journey of a novice teacher. They have the ability to be change makers in building a system that supports learning and continuous improvement of practice. This session will provide mentors and those who train mentors with a robust set of resources and strategies to strengthen their knowledge and skills in the induction process by answering the following questions.

  • What are the knowledge and skills that mentors must develop to be effective?
  • How is the learning partnership between the mentor and novice developed and nurtured?
  • How is the mentoring team formed, expanded and sustained in order to share expertise?
  • What strategies are essential to build the capacity of the novice to be successful in their first year? 
  • How is the relationship enhanced in a remote or hybrid environment?


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