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Fighting Racial Slurs and other Common Acts of Student Aggression

Time limit: 365 days
3.5 credits

$75 Enroll

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Instructor: Robin Harden Daniels, Ed.D. FEA Presenter, Lead Consultant, InFlight LLC A STEM Education Company

American society has become increasingly more violent and racist. Racial violence and political polarization places those in historically targeted populations at even greater risk than ever before. This course discusses how race-based bullying is deeply grained in a discriminatory cultural narrative and what constructive behaviors can be taken to disrupt its expression in our schools.



  • to discuss the connection between culture and violence
  • to discuss critical concepts such as colorblindness, racism, and colorism
  • to discuss the dynamics of racial bullying behaviors
  • to present strategies for responding to racialized behaviors such as derogatory terms and the "N" word

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