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FEA Equity in Action Leadership Academy

Time limit: 365 days
12 credits

$450 Enroll

Full course description

This 4-session virtual academy has been developed to deepen the knowledge and skills of leaders and leadership teams to systemically respond to issues of equity through the exploration of a problem of practice unique to their site. Over the four sessions, participants will:

  • Deepen leaders’ knowledge and skills to use and adapt social justice practices to increase system-wide equitable outcomes for all learners;
  • Develop socio-political awareness/critical consciousness by acknowledging and exploring the current reality within the educational environment;
  • Investigate systemic barriers, within public education, that we knowingly or unknowingly reinforce and that may ultimately lead to further propagation of access and opportunity gaps;
  • Support leaders to identify a reasonable Problem of Practice (PoP) and receive critical feedback on possible solutions to create an avenue for developing a theory of change and an action plan to resolve issues; and
  • Use evidence of impact to assess implementation measures of the PoP.

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